Brennan's Courtyard Bar 7-7-7 Menu, available daily


Brennan's Blue Crab & Caviar Nachos
Full pound of Louisiana Jumbo lump crab, fire roasted corn, St. Andre queso, alligator pear (avocado), mirliton pico de gallo and lime crema crowned with an ounce of Petrossian caviar.


Each day we feature our 7-7-7 Courtyard Bar Menu:
Brennan's Triple 7 menu with seven appetizers, cocktails and wines for $7 each from 2:00 - 7:00 PM, 7 days a week. Not available during the month of December and returns in January.
 Below is a sample menu, items are subject to change based on availability.

The Drink

Brennan's Spinner
Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur, fresh squeezed sour mix with a splash of Triple Sec

Sweet Cinthia 
Bayou Satsuma Rum Liqueur, Mint Syrup, Topped with Ginger Ale...a Mojito in Sunlight

Courtyard Bar Tea 
Hibiscus Tea, Seagram Vodka & Pineapple Juice. Alluring & Relaxing

Lemonade Jerez 
Our Fresh Lemonade, Principe Cream Sherry and a Spritz of Soda ~ Just Delicious

Midtown Collins 
New Amsterdam Gin, Fresh Lemon & Lime with a Splash of Ginger Beer. To Your Health!

Smoky Mary 
Chef Danny's infused Svedka vodka with smoked garlic & poblano pepper makes a kickin’ bloody Mary

What's in the Shaker

Something fresh & something new ~ Ask your bartender what we're making for you

The Vino

Carmina Prosecco, Italy NV
Bright & refreshing with a rich satisfying body.

Dipinti Pinot Grigio, Vigneti delle Dolomiti, Italy 2015
A clean, crisp, refreshingly unoaked wine with pure apple and pear flavors.

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand 2015
Crisp with tropical and citrus fruits. Subtle herbaceous notes.

Ventana Estate Chardonnay, Arroyo Seco, California 2013
Spicy floral tones, hints of gala apple, pineapple, mango, vanilla & honey with light oak notes.

Broadside Cabernet, Paso Robles, California 2014
A strong showing of cassis and classically Cabernet Sauvignon blue fruit.

Honora Vera Garnacha, Calatayud, Spain 2013
Great aromatic complexity. Rich with minerals & blueberry notes leading to a savory spicy wine.

Patience from Tank Rose 2015
Rose peony color with a great aromatic red fruit richness.

The Nosh 

Purple Savory Clams 
Black Hill Ranch bacon, jalapeno & pickled cantaloupe

Southern Smoked Catfish Dip
Louisiana Wild Caught with Poblano Pico de Gallo & Crispy Tortilla Chips

Creole Wood Grilled Octopus
Black Olive Oil, Grilled Onion, Texas Potato & Marinated White Beans

H20 Melon Tuna
Vermouth Summer Melon, Balsamic Glaze & Caramelized Lemon

Sparkling Oyster Shooter
Freshly Shucked Coldwater Oyster in Bubbles with Crushed Lime & Summer Cucumber

Island Shrimp Ceviche
Victor's Tostones and a Splash of Tito's Vodka

Cool Summer Breeze Beef
Crab Boil Peanut, Oak Hollow Mint & Creole Spiced Shrimp Chip


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