Sample Dinner Menu


Texas Wild Shrimp Remoulade
Shrimp boil vegetables, new potatoes, butter lettuce, preserved lemon and classic remoulade dressing
Citrus Glazed Diver Scallop
Froberg satsumas, salt roasted beets, hearts of palm, alligator pear and Bayou rum vinaigrette
BBQ Shrimp Shortcake
Harvey's Buttermilk biscuit, NOLA-style barbecue sauce and St. Arnold's beer aioli
Southern Oxtails & Collard
Applewood bacon braised oxtails, collard green custard, chef's hot sauce, pork cracklin and potlikker jus
Crispy Oyster "BLT"
Applewood bacon mousse, Cherry tomatoes and baby arugula on French bread crostinis with Creole mustard glaze


Soups & Salads

Soup du Jour
Made fresh daily using the freshest seasonal ingredients

Turtle Soup Au Sherry
A Brennan's tradition splashed with sherry

Soups 1-1-1
A demitasse of all three soups
Jimmy's Oyster & Artichoke Stew
Houma's Area 28 oysters, Brennan's bacon, roasted artichokes and melted leeks stewed in Herbsaint cream
Bourbon Apple & Pecan Salad
Gala, Fuji and Granny Smith apples, Tabasco pecan brittle, Maytag blue cheese and "Bulleit" spiced cider vinaigrette

Signature Entrees

Southern Cast Iron Seared Salmon
Over a Maque Choux of sautéed peppers, roasted sweet corn, charred tomatoes and sliced okra
Pecan Crusted Gulf Fish
Sauté of Fire roasted corn with French beans, spiced pecans and Creole Meuniere sauce
Shrimp Chippewa
Flamed tableside in Cognac with sun dried tomatoes over goat cheese stone ground grits from Waco, Texas
Gulf Fish Pontchartrain
Jumbo lump crab, J&J shrimp and crispy Matagorda oysters with fire roasted mushroom rice and Brennan's Creole butter
Filet Mignon Tchoupitoulas
Smoked Yukon gold potatoes, roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions and Texas honey green peppercorn glaze
Sorghum Roasted Winter Duck
Duck fried rice, sunny side up quail egg, Muddy Pond Sorghum and Satsumas with old fashioned duck sauce
Harris Ranch Strip Lyonnaise
Cast iron seared over Boulangere potatoes, charred onions and baby spinach finished with roasted garlic butter
Chicken Fried Country Rabbit
Cider braised Mustard greens, Smashed Sweet potatoes, gingered Mayhaw jam and duck neck giblet gravy
Texas Redfish Koo-Be-Yahn
Creole spiced shrimp in Acadian-style Courtbouillon sauce with Bayou country Jazzmen Rice
Texas Hunter's Mixed Bag
Rosemary grilled Elk chop, venison meat pie, grilled duck sausage, ostrich & rattlesnake chili, cowboy onion rings and Huckleberry jelly
Honey Glazed TExas Hill Bountry Quail (special menu)
Tasso & Jalapeno cornbread, port & fig braised cabbage, acorn squash ribbons and Buffalo bayou honey
Lamb Shank "Osso Bucco" (special menu)
Lamb sausage & White bean cassoulet, roasted Louisiana vegetables and Mint Julep lamb sauce
Lobster Stuffed Texas Flounder (special menu)
Lobster & Oyster mushroom stuffing, saute of Winter Chard and Sauce Americaine


creamed spinach mac & cheese
stewed okra & tomatoes
goat cheese stone ground grits
grilled duck sausage & white bean cassoulet
poirier's can syrup whipped sweet potatoes
winter herb roasted farmer's vegetables

Digging Texas Creole (vegetarian menu)

Honey Butternut Squash Soup
Cayenne pepitas and Allspice Creme Fraiche
Satsuma & Roasted Beet Salad
Red & Golden beets, winter greens, Point Reyes blue cheese, cayenne spiced pumpkin seeds and aged sherry vinaigrette
Creole Ratatouille Tart
Farmer's squash, roasted eggplant, charred peppers and Texas Chevre in crispy pastry over smoked tomato & fennel sauce

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