Runaway Boucherie with Lache Pas

Traditionally a Boucherie is a community coming together to harvest an animal. Due to the intensive labor involved in whole animal butchering, a farmer would call upon friends, family and neighbors to assist in the task. This day of work normally turned into a celebration, with plenty of food, music and spirits to go around. No one went home hungry or empty handed. With a lack of refrigeration, this was the only time that fresh meat could be consumed. Most of the meat butchered at a Boucherie was processed with the intent of preservation, with the understanding that not a single aspect of the sacrificed beast would be wasted. These are the core fundamentals of our cuisine. Boudin, gratons, fraisseurs, backbone fricasse, head cheese, tasso and chaurice are all products of this philosophy.

Chef Danny will be part of the folks cooking the Boucherie. 

Day 1: La Boucherie


- Witness firsthand the art of the Boucherie- the harvest, slaughter, butchering and harvesting of the hog


Day 2: Lundi Soir


- Experience a traditional Cajun Farm Dinner- a collection of ingredients cultivated from La Boucherie



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Organizer Lache Pas


(337) 680-9620

Sun, Nov. 6 - Mon, Nov. 7, 2016
6 a.m. - 11 p.m. US/Central
Grand Coteau, Louisiana