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2015 trends: Snack attack

We hope that dedication is what makes our 2015 trends piece stand out. This time around, we’ve predicted the lasting impact of each trend and assigned it a star rating: 10 stars = everyone will be doing it; 1 star = it’s a long shot. So, please, dig in, and explore with us the trends you should jump all over in the year ahead.


Snack Attack


What we’re seeing:

Remember when bar snacks were just bowls of salty stuff to encourage you to drink more? Now bars compete with each other to see who has the tastiest nuts. Other traditional bar foods like popcorn, deviled eggs and protein snacks have caught our eye, too, and we like the idea of ordering small plates while we look at the menu. Pass us another soft pretzel, would you?


In the kitchen:


• Brennan’s of Houston’s Texas Creole menu offers a plate of caviar nachos, crowned with an ounce of Petrossian caviar.