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50 great restaurant gardens across the country

Published on July 30, 2015

Chefs around the country are planting and maintaining their own gardens to promote sustainability, seasonality, local sourcing and freshness. It doesn't hurt that beds of flowers and herbs add to the ambiance at any table. These days, on-site crops come in the form of patio planters, rooftop farms and vertical decor on the walls. Guests often prefer dining in garden settings, whether indoors or outdoors, particularly for events. And nothing spices up a garden party like cocktails infused with freshly-picked rosemary or garnished with flowers. Chef and restaurateur Jose Garces sets a prime example in Philadelphia where his 18 restaurants source straight from his 40-acre, organic Luna Farm, while chef John Mooney has made a way for aeroponic rooftop gardens over his restaurants in D.C. and New York. Dine among or on the greens at these restaurants with gorgeous gardens to boot, from coast to coast.