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Houston restaurant bartenders toast the holidays with seasonal cocktails

Seasonal spices and tradition poured lovingly into holiday cocktail creations

Houston's Best Bargain

The tradition of lunch martinis at Brennan's - for just a quarter per glass - hasn't changed much since its introduction in 1967.
Author: Katharine Shilcutt

Brennan’s Christmas Cordial Eggnog

Try this classic eggnog recipe! There are so many terrific recipes out there but this is one of our favorites. Festive and warming.

Tastemakers Best Bartender nominees are shaking up Houston's cocktail scene

Bartenders are easy people to like. After all, when life has a person feeling blue, a bartender is there with a tonic to brighten one's mood. Or allow a person to wallow in his or her misery. Either way, we ...

Historical New Orleans Road Trip

Getting ready to gear up for a culinary tour to NOLA with Executive Chef Danny Trace.

Who's Serving What: Housemade Bitters

Housemade Bitters Across the Country! From Manhattans to Old Fashioneds, bitters have long been a staple in cocktail culture, but rather than relying on Angostura or Peychaud's, mixologists are making their own traditional and flavored bitters from scratch. Embodying the ...

Farm to bottle: Top Houston restaurant offers a crash course in hot new cocktail trend

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is one of my favorite museums in a city rife with museums. We have museums for everything in Houston, even funeral history. But, being more interested in living, and eating and drinking, I’m a ...

One Tequila, Two Tequilas, PURA VIDA!

Free tequila at Brennan's, d'oh! Last Thursday Pura Vida Tequila held the Tequila Olympics at Brennan's of Houston, and I got me some. ...