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Brennan’s Chef Shares His Game Day Recipes

Alright Texans fans, the season is finally here.  If you wanna kick your game day grub up a notch, you’ll love the recipes Brennan’s of Houston Executive Chef Danny Trace shared with us.

Brennan's Blue Crab & Caviar Nachos

Brennan’s Blue Crab & Caviar Nachos

Up first, the Blue Crab and Caviar Nachos [above] that are topped with fire roasted corn, St. Andre queso, avocado, mirliton pico de gallo, lime crema, plus an ounce of caviar for those who want to feel a little fancy while they watch the game… 

Up for a hodgepodge of hot, meaty goodness? This ‘Dirty’ Duck Chili can easily feed the whole gang. A simple, yet unexpected chili recipe with ground duck meat, kidney beans, stewed tomatoes and your favorite cheddar cheese.

Dirty Duck Chili

Dirty Duck Chili

We love Chef Danny’s signature Texas Creole spin on potato salad, a Maque Choux Potato Salad. His is a mixture with Mountain King Butter Red Potatoes and the addition of Maque Choux (a stewed corn and veggie dish with Cajun roots).

Maque-Choux Potato Salad

Maque-Choux Potato Salad

BTW, we also have a demo of how to prepare Chef Trace’s famous New Orleans BBQ shrimp dish right here.

C’ mon Texans!