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Brennan’s lunch has gotten even more enticing, and affordable

June 16, 2015 7:08 PM MST

Quite tasty for just a quarter....

Quite tasty for just a quarter....
Tempus Fugit Press

I just talked to a friend who celebrated his birthday last week with lunch at Brennan’s – their 25-cent martinis might have been part of the attraction – as he and his brothers have been doing for a while. And, a celebratory lunch at Brennan’s when no office or worksite beckons afterwards can be an indulgently caloric and boozy way to enjoy a couple of hours during the afternoon.

For the quality of the fare, setting, and usually the service, Brennan’s can be a very deal for what it is, even if you don’t partake in one of those extraordinarily low-priced lunchtime cocktails. Now, for just $16 you can enjoy an appetizer and one of these three entrées: Pulled Chicken & Sweet Corn Crepe featuring roasted vegetables, mushrooms served in and Gold beet broth and topped with up quail egg; Texas Catfish Koo-Be-Yahn, spiced shrimp in Cajunn-style Courtbouillon sauce with toasted garlic rice; and Beef Tips "Steak Diane" that has been seared in a cast iron skillet and served with shallots, thyme and crimini mushrooms and hickory smoked potatoes. My friends reported that the Texas Catfish Koo-Be-Yahn and Beef Tips "Steak Diane" were both excellent last week.

Now the weekday lunch at Bennan’s has gotten even more affordable with the introduction of its “Summer Break” lunch menu featuring three options. For only $12 you can get the Crawfish Grilled Cheese Sandwich that comes with a charred Creole tomato soup, sweet potato chips and pickles; their Bayou City Cheeseburger with garlic aioli and topped New Orleans-style barbecue shrimp that is served with Parmesan fries; and lamb chili with white kidney beans, cheddar, green onions and lime crema among corn tortilla chips. A little more casual than what you might expect from Brennan’s, but each are likely very good.

Plus, you can still get a 25-cent martini, or two or three, to accompany on these.

3300 Smith (just southwest of Elgin), 77006, (713) 522-9711