Did you vote? Here are Houston’s best election day deals and specials.

It's the first day of early voting. Here's where you can get discounted food (once you've secured your "I Voted" sticker) and more.

Today is the first day of early voting for the 2020 election. “I haven’t been in a line this long since I camped out for Grateful Dead tickets,” said one Houston voter this morning.

When you finally secure your "I Voted" sticker, you'll be in need of some good eats. Thankfully, Houston restaurants and eateries have you covered with these special election deals, available from now until Nov. 3.

Brennan’s of Houston: A free of order of Ballot Beignets, which are served with café au lait Anglaise, are available to any guest presenting an “I Voted” sticker on Election Day, Nov. 3.

Hugo's, Xochi and Caracol: Chef Hugo Ortega's restaurants will be giving customers with an "I Voted" sticker a free margarita. They come in red, white and blue: Margarita Roja (tequila, Campari, triple sec, fresh lime, orange and simple syrup), El Coco Margarita (Altos Silver tequila, Kalani coconut rum liqueur, coconut milk, fresh lime juice and simple syrup) and Margarita Azul (tequila, Blue Curaçao, fresh lime juice, triple sec and simple syrup). They can also be purchased for $11.

Kaffeine Coffee: The Third Ward coffee shop has a new drink, a "Souls to the Polls" iced coffee brewed with cranberry and blueberry.

Molina’s Cantina: All locations will be offering $6.50 Molina's Margaritas for people with a sticker on Election Day, Nov. 3.

Phat Eatery: Show your sticker for an order of roti canai, a flaky Indian flatbread with curry dip, for just $2.

Tobiuo Sushi + Bar: The restaurant will offer one free appetizer per table when a guest has a sticker.

Three Brothers Bakery: This Houston institution is bringing back its Presidential Cookie Poll, where customers can vote for their favorite candidate by buying one of three cookies (all $4.99): a Trump cookie, a Biden cookie, or a Gingy cookie — a candidate you may not have heard of before. "Vote" here.

"We are already having some controversy," said co-owner Janice Jucker in an email. "We reused the caricature from 2016 for Trump, and folks loved it back in 2016.  Now we have received complaints that he is not smiling because Biden is smiling (Gingy doesn’t smile because he does not have a mouth). It’s not politics; it’s cookies. We have been accused of favoritism, but really we just wanted to save some money, and our bias is always toward Gingy."