By Roz Pactor | Sunday, October 18, 2020

Like many of us that have been in our Covid survival mode for the last several months, we have spent a great amount of time supporting our local restaurants from afar. Yes, for our family, restaurant dining has largely been restricted to rare outdoor dining(still our favorite way to dine-in) but mostly curbside pick-up and I have marveled at how well our city’s eateries have done to make the art of dining at home with ‘their food’ as delish and creative as possible…..really off the charts on doing a spectacular job of presenting beautifully plated dishes with all of the trimmings in a manner that keeps warm dishes warm and vice versa for our chilled choices. Hats off to ALL of them and their teams for handling this difficult time so very very well!

For us, recently, we had a unique set of circumstances this past week that took us out and about much more than what the ‘new normal’ has allowed……we had birthdays to celebrate at Tony’s, Permission Whiskey Bar and Theodore Rex, my niece Tina Tyrell in town from NYC… off to Le Colonial and Eunice and then capped it off with Brennan’s famous Sunday Night Supper to go for our family dinner at home……quite a week and I’m sharing a few with you below! (also, please click on the restaurant name in RED to take you directly to each website for specific details and menu info…….LET’S SUPPORT OUR RESTAURANTS)

Lunch at The Annie Re-opens…

The Annie has reopened their doors for lunch and it was great to be back there. They are open Tues-Friday from 11:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. The menu, available here on their website includes a selection of salads, sandwiches and entrees mixed with several of the The Annie classics. Great for outdoor dining on these beautiful fall days(we were late for our reservation and choice outdoor tables were taken so we ate indoors (by the window, of course!) See below for some pics of our choices…….

Le Colonial Revisisted…..

Food was outstanding at Le Colonial.…..always a favorite of ours but like so many restaurants around, not visited for awhile. Tina, knowing Houston’s diverse community was home to many Vietnamese requested authentic Vietnamese cuisine and this is the best. Patio dining was so pleasant that evening and thanks to having six of us, we were able to do much sampling of many amazing dishes and of course many of their famous Lyche Martinis were consumed by the group …..only a sampling of dishes below!

Brennan’s Sunday Fried Chicken & Bubbles Dinner….

Brennan’s Fried Chicken and Bubbles Dinner is offered only on Sunday evenings after 5:00 p.m. and make for perfect pick-up dining for casual family or best friends suppers on Sunday evenings. We loved it for many reasons……first the Creole Fried Chicken was divine! Of course, I over-ordered planning for left-overs and I must say that there was little to take home for my kids! Also, by-the-way…..the sides were unbelievable. We never had creole mac ‘n cheese (yummy spices & sausage within) and Mardi Gras Cold Slaw…both crowd pleasers! We’ll be doing this take away meal again!!