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Fine Dining for Vegetarians


September 27, 201512:44 PM MST

There are many more vegetarians these days. Often ex-pats from India or their offspring, who defer from meat and seafood for religious reasons, there are also many others have given up meat for ethical or health concerns. When it comes to select a suitable restaurant for business dining with today’s diverse workforce, selecting a proper restaurant for a team or a client’s or customer’s team come sometimes take some though. But, local restaurants have generally become more accommodating, though some still just offer just a collection of their vegetable side dishes and salads.

A very good restaurant should be able create a fairly enjoyable vegetarian preparation on the fly, if need be, but here are a few Houston area restaurants that provide a standard array of vegetarian and sometimes vegan options and are safer choices when meat (and possibly dairy) are not options for some of the diners.

  • Amalfi – Italian – Much of Italian cuisine is actually vegetarian. Meat, aside from the cured salumi, meat was historically not eaten very often by much of the population, especially in southern Italy where Chef Giancarlo Ferrara hails. And, it is always easy to adjust a pasta to make it vegetarian.
  • Arcodoro – Italian
  • benjy’s – New American
  • Brennan’s – Creole – There is actually a small menu section entitled “Digging Texas Creole (vegetarian menu)” that reflects their cognizance of a growing clientele.
  • Da Marco – Italian – Offering pasta and pizza, at the least
  • Indika – Indian
  • Kiran’s – Indian
  • Oxheart – New American
  • Quattro – Italian – A few options plus Chef Maurizio Ferrarese and staff are very good and working at a hotel they certainly have experience encountering a very wide range of food requests
  • Pass & Provisions – New American – At least the Provisions side
  • Sparrow – New American
  • Tony’s – Italian / New American – Pastas, risottos and salads
  • Triniti  New American