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Next-Level Comfort Food

Written By Maggie Yang

April 2015

Treats like caviar nachos and black diamond ice cream put luxurious spins on dining classics.

Norma’s Zillion Dollar Frittata, $1000
Whether it’s their Super Blueberry Pancakes or their Lox and Lox of Bagels, Norma’s over-the-top menu never fails to make breakfast the most important (and best) meal of the day. But nothing comes close to their take on the frittata. In Norma’s Zillion Dollar Frittata, fresh steamed lobster, 10 ounces of exquisite Sevruga caviar and a perfect frittata sit atop a bed of grilled Yukon potatoes.

Scoopi Café’s Black Diamond Sundae, $816

A mix of international ingredients, this Dubai-born confection consists of Madagascar vanilla ice cream, rare black Italian truffles, Iranian saffron and is sprinkled with 23-carat edible gold. The sweet treat is served in an extravagant souvenir: an elegant Versace bowl with a matching spoon.

Serendipity 3’s Grilled Cheese, $214

Created on National Sandwich Day, The Quintessential Grilled Cheese Sandwich is the most luxurious version of this comfort classic out there. Diners must order the dish two full days in advance as the luxe ingredients are flown in for each dish. The bread is a French Pullman Champagne bread made with Dom Perignon and 24-carat edible gold flakes. It’s then layered with white truffle butter. But the real star of the show is the rare Caciocavallo Podolico cheese from southern Italy. The sandwich is then toasted and the crust is lined with the gold flakes. South African Lobster Tomato Bisque swirled with crème fraîche and truffle oil acts as the perfect dipping sauce.

Brennan’s of Houston’s Blue Crab and Caviar Nachos, $100

Head Chef Danny Trace added this dish to the menu after it was requested by customers itching for a taste of classic nachos with an elegant twist. “I just like the combination of flavors,” says Chef Danny. “I love Louisiana crab. I don’t care how you stack it. I love appetizers with crab and caviar, and there’s always some form of it on our menu.” The dish features Louisiana Jumbo Lump Crap and Petrossian caviar. St. Andre cheese, Merliton pico de gallo, lime crema and alligator pear avocados top it off.

Fleur by Hubert Keller’s Fleur Burger, $5,000

Famed chef Hubert Keller has created one of the most expensive burgers in the world. Made with Wagyu beef, the delicacy is topped with foie gras and black truffle and finished with a black truffle sauce. But what really makes this an extravagant dish is the bottle of 1995 Chateau Petrus and your post-dinner gift of two crystal glasses shipped to your home.