Emma Balter 

Have you really done quarantine if you haven’t set bananas and rum on fire in your own home?

The famous Brennan’s Bananas Foster dessert is now available to buy from the restaurant’s Houston outpost, packaged into a neat make-your-own kit. It includes bananas, Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, butter, Bacardi rum, sugar, cinnamon, and even a lighter to flambé your creation — all for $21, available via curbside pick-up and delivery.

New Orleans, where the original Brennan’s restaurant first opened in 1946, was a big hub for banana exports. Owen Brennan, looking to capitalize on this, asked his chef, Paul Blangé, to create a dessert with the fruit. In 1951, the Bananas Foster was born in all its flammable glory.

When you’ve received the Brennan’s of Houston kit, read through the instructions carefully (recipe below) and flambé with caution.

“I’ve included a utility lighter in the kit for people who don’t have a gas stove,” says Brennan’s of Houston general manager Carl Walker. But even for those who have a gas stove, he thinks it’s safer to use the lighter.

He also warns about not letting the pan get too hot, and not pouring the rum directly from the bottle. “Pour the rum into something smaller with a more open top,” he says.

At the restaurant, the team sprinkles the ground cinnamon from a salt shaker directly into the flame, which ignites a fun spark effect. To add more cinnamon to taste, do so after the flame is out.

Serve over ice cream and enjoy.