Chef Danny Trace offers interactive cooking demonstrations for couples as they taste through the history of Creole cuisine.

WHAT: This summer, take an international trip with Brennan's of Houston, as they explore the countries that influenced what is now known as Creole cuisine. Executive Chef Danny Trace will host monthly cooking classes for couples, which will deconstruct Creole cuisine down to its roots. For their first stop, "Islands in the Stream," couples will have the opportunity to taste the islands as Chef Danny features the contributions of the Caribbean to the cuisine's multifaceted repertoire. This interactive event will include a full cooking demonstration from a master of Texas-Creole cuisine while guests indulge in a three-course menu, paired with cocktails, including:

• Pomegranate Glazed Tuna and Island Crab Salad featuring tropical fruit, cucumber ribbons, plantain chips, alligator pear and key lime daiquiri vinaigrette

• Walkerswood Jerked Amberjack with curried lobster potato salad and conch fritters with smoked tomato tartar sauce

• Pusser's Rum Soaked Pineapple pie highlighting "Painkiller" ice cream, toasted coconut and Sorrel syrup

Additional dates and areas of focus are as follows:

• June 27: Spain "A Spanish Accent"

• July 25: Asia "East Meets West"

• August 29: Africa "Nothing but Soul"

• September 26: France "Haute to France"

WHEN: Friday, May 30, 2014, 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

WHERE: Brennan's of Houston, 3300 Smith Street, Houston, Texas

COST: $150 per couple, Gratuity not included

RSVP: Reservations are required; please call 713.522.9711 or visit Brennan's of Houston event page to reserve online

INFO: Brennan's of Houston, 713.522.9711,