Sharing a Little of Brennan's of Houston with You

Since our 1967 opening as a sister restaurant to the world-famous Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, Brennan’s of Houston has evolved into the city’s premier destination for memorable dining served with true Southern hospitality and with the books below we want to share some of Brennan's of Houston with you. Our books showcased below, share a slice of Brennan's of Houston with you.



The Simple TruthThe Simple Truth

Tired of management fads?
Sick of living with chaos, being a one-minute manager, trying to outdo Deming, moving your cheese, and getting your people to fish! their way to success?
Authors Alex Brennan-Martin and Larry Taylor explain how to:
  • Discover The Simple Truth of your business
  • See the world through "customer's eyes"
  • Harness the power of your staff's self-interest
  • Hook customers with the Secret Ingredient:  Hospitality - not just customer service
Finding your Simple Truth can be like having a positive silent partner always on your side.  Read more about The Simple Truth >>

In the Land of Cocktails 

Proprietors of the legendary New Orleans restaurant Commander's Palace, Ti and Lally are cocktail divas, spreading the gospel about how to make drinks properly, from why a true Sazerac can only be made with Peychaud's bitters to why hand-chipped ice is best for cocktails.

In the Land of Cocktails
includes information on pairing food with cocktails, introductions to the beloved, boisterous Brennan family and their friends, and explanation of some of the unique, perhaps strange to some, words and ways of life in New Orleans.  Filled with wit, sass, warmth, and lots of good times, In the Land of Cocktails is the ideal gift for cocktail lovers everywhere, whether you're a novice or an old drinking pro. Read more about In the Land of Cocktails and get the Commander's Palace Martini recipe here >>

Brennan's of Houston In Your Kitchen (Out of Print)

Proving that Creole and Texan styles are kitchen compatible, Chef Carl Walker artfully created these distinctive tastes at the acclaimed Brennan's of Houston.  The Brennan family and Chef Carl Walker share the belief that food is fun, and eating it should be even more fun.  From Turtle Soup to New Orleans style Pralines, Chef Carl provides ideas, recipes, and stories that capture this approach to great times, great food, and great memories. Read more about In Your Kitchen  and get the Brennan's of Houston Bananas Foster recipe here >>

The Kitchen Table

"Regulars who go there to be pampered report dinner at the private Kitchen Table is a marvelous experience." - Zagat Survey, 2006
Featuring over 200 recipes used to create The Kitchen Table dining experience, this book gives you the chance to re-create this same experience at your own kitchen table.  Randy Evans, a former Executive Chef, is a rising star who led the dedicated team of chefs in the Brennan's kitchen.  Since publishing this cookbook, Chef Randy has decided to live his dream and open his own restaurant.  Haven is expected to open Summer 2009. Read more about The Kitchen Table from Brennan's of Houston and get the Brennan's of Houston Smoked Catfish Mousse recipe here >>