Brennan's of Houston and the Commander's Family of Restaurants understand and live by good values, both in business and play alike. We live to create great customer memories and wanted to let you know that memories don't just come in those big, plush yellow chairs but in other gatherings along the way...


Brennan's 7-7-7 Courtyard Bar Menu

Each day we feature our Courtyard Bar menu, Brennan's 7-7-7 with 7 appetizers, 7 cocktails, 7 wines for $7 each from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM, 7 days a week. The menu changes seasonally but is guaranteed to have a favorite for everyone. Let's cheers to that!


Prix Fixe Melas


2-Courses starting at $26 which includes a choice of soup or salad and an entree.


3-Courses starting at $37 which spotlights some greatest hits like Turtle Soup, Eggs Brennan, and Bananas Foster.


3-Courses starting at $35 with New Orleans favorites such as Creole Seafood Bouillabaisse and Chicken Clemenceau.


Ever Famous 25¢ Martinis

Treat yourself to a refreshing cocktail that's more than just light on your wallet. During lunch hours, Brennan's served 25¢ martinis with the purchase of an entree. Our sister restaurant, Commander's Palace, originally promoted this lunchtime specialty and it was such a hit that we decided to partake. With just a quarter, you can pick up your lunch break with a perfectly-sized mini drink. It is offered in Traditional, Cosmopolitan, and Melon. Lunch only.


Brennan's Treats

How do you say praline? Many argued about the correct pronunciation of our famous little lagniappe at the door, the praline. Whether you pronounce it "Praylene" or "Prahlene", we can all in-arguably agree that they are a tasty treat.


Complimentary B-line Theater Shuttle

Whether you're headed to the ballet, symphony, or theater, at Brennan's we offer complimentary pick-up and return to the restaurant. If you are planning to have lunch or dinner with us, and have a show to catch afterward, consider taking advantage of this offer. Each transfer can accommodate up to 20 passengers and has several drop-off points. Reservations are required. 


$99 Wine & Dine for 2

Each year in September at the peak of crab season, we offer our $99 Wine & Dine for 2. Each guest receives a 3-course dinner and a choice of a Wine Guys selection of white or red (or four glasses).

Don't like crab or steak, no problem? We have some of our all-time favorites included as well, such as our famous Shrimp & Grits.


Special Events

One of the biggest misconceptions about Brennan's of Houston is that we're just for special occasions, but we have events happening all the time!

Wine Tastings, Spirit Roundtables, Date Night Cooking Classes, Courtyard Socials, and more.


Sommelier's Secrets

Did you know we have over 1,700 different wine labels on our wine list to choose from? In fact, we have several pages on our list dedicated to wines of exceptional value.