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Application for Employment


Brennan's of Houston

Application for Emplyment

An Equal Opportunity Employer

This application will be considered active for only 60 days from the date of its completion. If you wish to be considered for emplyment after that time, you must personally submit a new application. ncomplete application forms will not be considered. You must fill in your own application. Remember, omissions or falsifications or misrepresentations in application process may resul t in ineligibility for employment or immediate dismissal if employed. 



EDUCATION (check the highest grade completed)

REFERENCE (Please list three business, professional or other persons who can attest to your work capabilities (do not include relative or former employers).

NOTIFICATION (In the event of an emergency, notify the following persons (not your spouse):

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (List below all your previous employment. If you have been self-employed, please give details such as name of the company, location and why business was discontinued. Begin with your most recent job and work back:

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