We are open for dine-in service!

Dinner: Tuesday - Sunday 5-9 pm    Brunch: Sunday 10 am-2pm     Lunch: begins 6/11/2020

This is a sample menu and can change at any time. Items based on availability.


Strawberries & Cream
Sweet Strawberries surrounding Double Cream
Brennan's Turtle Soup
A Bowl of Signature Soup


Chicken & Fries
Lightly Battered Chicken Breast Strips & French Fries
Filet of Beef
Grilled 4 oz Filet of Beef with Mashed Potatoes
Shrimp & Fries
Crispy Gulf Shrimp & French Fries
Farmer's Vegetable Pasta
Buttered Angel Hair Pasta, Vegetables, and Parmesan Cheese


Creole Bread Pudding 
A Succulent Custard Made with French Bread, Raisins & Pecans with Fresh Berries
Ice Cream Sundae
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Covered in Chocolate Ganache and Whipped Cream