These are actual letters from our grateful guests:
Brennan's has always been a family's favorite place for special occasions. To celebrate my mother's 80th birthday, we dined in the kitchen at the very special Chef's Table. After 5-courses of special dishes that included Brennan's famous turtle soup, shrimp, oysters, and duck and more, each matched perfectly with a glass of wine, we were presented a variety of scrumptious desserts including our favorite, Bananas Foster. Our awesome Winy Guy/host went above and beyond all his duties by arranging an oyster shucking demonstration, taking us on a tour of the beautiful and historical restaurant, the busy kitchen and wine cellars. He even did the impressive Bananas Foster presentation himself! The staff truly indulged us with an evening full of culinary delights and experience that we look forward to repeating in the nearby future. Thank you! - Judy

We went to Brennan's with my whole family a group of 10 for Brunch with the Bunny! It was so well put together. The food was Great! They had the Easter bunny photos set up across the hall and the highlight of the kids day was the real live bunnies outside! That saved the day and kept the kids moving and they loved being able to interact and hold the bunny in their lap! Way to go!!! This was excellent! You can expect children to sit still for a fancy meal etc so having things for them to do is a must. So we took turns taking my 3-year-old nephew outside and to see the Easter bunny. - Allison

“We had our wedding outside in the courtyard at Brennan's and it was beautiful and Brennan's made it perfect. The food and service were superb and all of my family still raves about the wedding. We loved the fact that we could schedule our wedding there and they handled most of the arrangements, except for things I wanted to be personally included on.” - Stephanie

“LOVED working with Brennan’s! I couldn't have asked for a better wedding venue. What really set them apart was the food. We'd eaten there before and knew the food was amazing, but I didn't know if the quality would potentially suffer since we had a buffet style dinner that was being prepared beforehand in bulk. Not so with Brennan’s! The quality was top notch and everyone told us it was the best wedding food they'd ever had. The staff was great in making sure that we got full plates at the beginning of the night and even brought us a second portion because our food got cold after we went around talking to people. Nothing could have been better and I want to say thanks again to Brennan’s for making the evening so wonderful!” - Hillary