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Plan An Event

Notes for Content on this page:
  1. What Brennan's has included and will continue to include for events
    1. Focus on quality and perfection (Customer-eyezing)
    2. Logistics - silver, linen, etc...
    3. Focused, kind, wait-staff that treats your event like we would our own family
  2. Introduce in conceptual way the what the new rooms will look like, feel like, be location in the building (for those familiar enough to remember. Cecily is great at describing the windows that were covered up with brick that are coming back. 
  3. Possible mention and describe past high profile events (Steel Magnolias, President Bush) and lay the ground work for these types of events in the opening months
  4. Could also possibly include back story about Junior League dance... the building was an important place for special events then and will continue to be so and more in the future.
Cecily - any old black and white photos of Junior League dance we can include here?