By: Executive Chef Joe Cervantez

The next evolution of our food philosophy is a simple tool we use to tie us back to our company's simple truth: Memorable. Authentic. Creole. Texas. Southern.

MEMORABLE: Creating great memories is who we are. I now have the responsibility to build upon those who’ve preceded me. My entire team sees the words on that wall and it’s there to remind us what our guest have counted on us for so many years.

AUTHENTIC: Authenticity not only refers to the sourcing of our ingredients and heritage but as importantly to our cooking techniques which range from Traditional to modern while staying true to the roots of our cuisine. Mr. Jimmy Evans in our seafood guy and we know we can always count on him for the freshest seafood from the gulf.

CREOLE: When you think Creole, Brennan’s comes to mind. The Brennan Family has earned the reputation of moving our culture forward.

TEXAS: We’re not from here but we’ve been around a while and the flavors have rubbed off on us. Take a look at our crawfish enchilada. That dish was a natural combination that organically happened just from being located here.

SOUTHERN: Incorporating Southern influences to our Creole and Texas cuisine is a natural evolution and brings many more various cultural influences.