When I was living in France, going to school, one of the things I noticed in several of the restaurants; there was often a wooden table sort of in the center of the kitchen. Sometimes later in the evening they would bring favorite guests back and let them have their dinner and their meal at that table. And I always thought, what a neat custom; an act of hospitality inviting someone into your kitchen!

I have begun with the idea of, Why couldn’t we have a kitchen table here at Brennan’s? and we actually designed the rest of the kitchen that flows around it. Chefs will actually serve most of the courses at the table. So, it really is an interaction with the guests and the chefs. A lot of great memories were at that table. As a matter of fact, the chefs often have a marker in their pocket that they’ll label things that are going into the cooler and what not, and one guest took the marker out of the chef’s pocket and signed the wall. Well, we were off to the races then and before you knew it they were signing the ceiling and we ran out of room.

It’s just been a great addition and I’m thrilled we were able to introduce it to the city of Houston.

- Alex Brennan-Martin