We had kind of a fun quirky thing, I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Terms of Endearment. One of the famous scenes in that movie where Jack Nicholson takes Shirley MacLaine to lunch was filmed here at the restaurant. One of my favorite things about that is, they are leaving River Oaks to come here to Brennan’s in Midtown, but they drive along the beach in Galveston to get to us. They really adlibbed a lot of the scenes, and all of a sudden the director Jim Brooks said, “What we need is raw oysters!”. Well, at the time we didn’t have raw oysters on the menu and we were closed for business that day while they were filming, so we had to miraculously fetch raw oysters in a matter of minutes. Good thing we have friends in the restaurant business around here. And through the miracle of television, the famous oyster scene where Jack Nicholson is sort of slurping down the oysters and grossing Shirley MacLaine out with them was born. Immediately after that, guests started coming in and asking they wanted to sit at the Terms of Endearment table. And that is 1983. So many decades ago now and people are still asking for the Terms of Endearment room. It’s been a lot of fun.