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Will You Marry Me?

On April 4th, 2013 my boyfriend told me he wanted to take me to a new place for dinner. We have always enjoyed trying new cuisines together and finding “our” spots for favorite meals. On this particular day, he told me Brennan’s had a dress code that we needed to uphold. After seeing his attire, I knew it would be a good time to wear a dress that had been hanging in my closet with tags still attached.

We arrive at the restaurant that evening, there was a gentleman present to open my door and welcome me in. Mind you, this type of restaurant wasn’t our normal experience, but I went with it because it wasn’t often we splurged. We were directed to a table in the back corner of the dining room with high-backed chairs. And since we were going with the flow, I allowed our waiter to suggest all items for me. Fast-forward, the waiter came by after we had our meal and invited us into the kitchen to “see” and have dessert! Hesitantly, I thought, well this sure is neat, I’d never been to a restaurant that allowed their customers into the kitchen. So we went. There was a small 2-top table right next to the preparation line. I was seated with my back to the kitchen. We sat down to have dessert which was a sampler of spoons with “bites” of several favorites. So good! Then I was directed to try a new dessert, and what was placed in front of me next were chocolate-covered strawberries…with the words “will you marry me” on them. I remember reading it over and over and it not computing in my brain until I looked over at my boyfriend down on his knee.

All that to say, we are still married and love visiting Brennan's on our anniversary to celebrate a memorable night, never to be forgotten!